Srpen 2013

Smog II

14. srpna 2013 v 2:11 Logos - summer 2013
Second version of the SMOG logo. I totally love it! Love it how it seems in general. When I do things like this, I never see it in full, only when I do the sketch. But in the creating process, I concentrate only on those little details..the final version is sometimes surprising also for me. SMOG is black/noise group from Canada.

Nebulae I

14. srpna 2013 v 2:10 Coverarts
Coverart for new demo (2013) of California/San Marcos group RUMINATIONS which deal with themes of space and death. I´m really glad that this drawning will dress up their material. Originally it was and still is the first drawning from the planned Nebulous and dark space inspired serie of drawnings.

Preparings of this one:

Paragon of Nothingness

14. srpna 2013 v 2:08 Logos - summer 2013
Logo for PARAGON OF NOTHINGNESS. I did it in one very warm day closed in my cellar, the only one place where were some conditions for life. And my cellar is full of wood, little inspiration maybe..

Fallent Saint

14. srpna 2013 v 2:06 For sale
Spent lot of time on this one, so much details.

Wolfy emblem

14. srpna 2013 v 2:06 Others
Tattoo design for Kevin Reyes!

Wormy tree

14. srpna 2013 v 2:04 For sale


14. srpna 2013 v 2:04 For sale
Really, when I worked on this one, I didnt know what I´m drawing. Friend of mine told me that I drew the Flying Polyp


14. srpna 2013 v 2:02 Coverarts
One more insane painting for my group called STERNUM for the upcoming Ep "Světomráz"