Leden 2014


29. ledna 2014 v 21:48 For sale
This artwork is for sale. If you're interrested in, please, feel free to contact me on my facebook page or via e-mail moonroot@seznam.cz.

Nebulae III

29. ledna 2014 v 21:45 Others
Third pard of cycle of twenty drawing of Nebulas. "Nebulae - <Darkspace listen time>"

Artworks for Panyhida

29. ledna 2014 v 21:39 Coverarts
Artworks for Panyhidas new cd "Grief for an Idol"

Cover art:

Back side:

Under cd

Cd design:


13. ledna 2014 v 21:35 Logos winter 2013
New logo design for Idolum from France