Únor 2014

Tattoo sleeve 1

27. února 2014 v 22:29 Others
First part of three-splitted tattoo sleeve design for my friend Sinneral from Panychida and Avenger, next two parts will be done soon.

If you´re also interrested in tatto design or anything else like logo designes/cover arts, t-shirt designes or so, contact me via facebook or better on moonroot@seznam.cz Am looking forward to our future cooperation!

Worthless Lament

19. února 2014 v 3:10 Logos winter 2013
Logo design for new russian depressive black metal group WORTHLESS LAMENT. Really look forward to hear what they´ll come with!

Paragon of Nothingness

19. února 2014 v 3:04 Coverarts
Cover art for upcoming debut album of Paragon of Nothingness