Červenec 2014

Next one for Terdor

25. července 2014 v 12:33
Drawing for t-shirts of dutch black metal band Terdor. Inspired by the "Leevi II" album cover art. Done for special t-shirt "Leevi II" collection.

- soft pastels and coals on black hard paper (75x50 cm)

Artwork for Sven Smith

23. července 2014 v 13:13
Artwork done for Sven Smith from Winterlore and Ered Wethrin for cover art of his new black/pagan group GraveForest

- Soft pastels, coals and rubber on black hard paper 70x70

Highmass logo

17. července 2014 v 23:08


17. července 2014 v 23:07

Pulsar Colony

17. července 2014 v 23:02
Universe..what a small percent of the macrocosm is that what we call the universe. What can we know. Maybe is our galaxy just a spawn of something inconceivably much bigger. Maybe, Some nook of the "Universe" really looks like a spawn.

Two of space inspired drawings for Pulsar colony booklet and cover art of the new album.

- Soft pastels and a coal on black hard paper

The mighty Cthulhu

13. července 2014 v 23:32
I always wanted to create an unbounded form of Cthulhu - as I have always imagined him. Finally I succeed. This drawing express all what I need to say, all what I see. When the Cthulhu word is spoken.
This drawing will be used for my collection of t-shirrts in cooperation with Canadian Montréals metal shop "La Bete Noire Emporium" and my friend Krystal Terepocki

-black ink on white paper

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


13. července 2014 v 23:28
Something more colourfull now. For my dear brothers birthday. Just because he's a huge League of Legends and Lissandra fun.

Satanshop II

13. července 2014 v 23:26
The second t-shirt design for Satanshop.cz, t-shirts will be avaible soon.
- black ink

Logo design for Meganaut

13. července 2014 v 23:24
Logo design for Meganaut, psychadelic grincore from UK, inspired by mushrooms, hallucinations and delirium

Soft pastel universe

13. července 2014 v 23:22
The place, where the universe is born and where it all die once...

- Soft pastels and a coal, 100x80 cm on wooden desk