Listopad 2014


6. listopadu 2014 v 21:50
Sigil for young black metal band STNZR from Columbia. Planned to use it for t-shirts and a cd cover art.

- Black ink on middle-hard white paper (just inverted in pc)

Sacrament ov Impurity

3. listopadu 2014 v 21:22
Drawing which I have done few days ago for cover art of upcoming album of Sacrament ov Impurity, raw black metal band from Washington, USA. Back side and the booklet borders comming next in the end of november 2014

- Soft pastels and coals on black hard paper (70x70)


3. listopadu 2014 v 21:17
Triangle of Ncromorph which I have done for ICHORID, technical death metal group from Germany (you can see them live with Wormed and Ulcerate in theese days!) Just points and nothing more if I dont count the triangle

- black ink on soft white paper