Prosinec 2014

And...What Black metal means for you?

8. prosince 2014 v 21:17
Now something really personal. I named this one like "And..what black metal means for you?" It is mixture of my feelings of black metal music and memories of some outstanding places where I was inspired to draw some of the aspects from the drawing.
I´m gonna print it in limited edition of 20 posters A2 size and will send it in hard paper boxes with number of print. If anyone´s interrested in, feel free to contact me via fb or email at It could be yours on your wall or at wall of someone closes to you who´s really into this black metal spirit.
I was inspired not only by places and music at all, but also by some concrete albums, which means really much for me. Cry of Silence - "Walking through The Eternal Tragedy", Forest Silence - "Philosophy of Winter", Burzum - "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", Setherial - "Nord", Marblebog - "Forestheart" and Vietah - "Zorny Maroz"

- white, grey and gold pencils, coals, acrylic, pens and pastels on black hard paper
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Cover art for Worthless Lament/Kalmankantaja

2. prosince 2014 v 20:56
Cover art for upcomming stunning split album of Worthless Lament (Russia) and Kalmankantaja (Finland). All inspired by the songs and lyrics which're all about nightmares becoming alive, inability to fall asleep or wake up and the phase in the bed when you are really not able to recognize if you're still sleeping or all what's around is real. The colors of the photography will also seems much better when I'll take it in daylight, but anyway, here it is!

-Soft pastels with coals on black hard paper 70x70