And...What Black metal means for you?

8. prosince 2014 v 21:17
Now something really personal. I named this one like "And..what black metal means for you?" It is mixture of my feelings of black metal music and memories of some outstanding places where I was inspired to draw some of the aspects from the drawing.
I´m gonna print it in limited edition of 20 posters A2 size and will send it in hard paper boxes with number of print. If anyone´s interrested in, feel free to contact me via fb or email at It could be yours on your wall or at wall of someone closes to you who´s really into this black metal spirit.
I was inspired not only by places and music at all, but also by some concrete albums, which means really much for me. Cry of Silence - "Walking through The Eternal Tragedy", Forest Silence - "Philosophy of Winter", Burzum - "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", Setherial - "Nord", Marblebog - "Forestheart" and Vietah - "Zorny Maroz"

- white, grey and gold pencils, coals, acrylic, pens and pastels on black hard paper
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