Tattoo design for Hugo

2. února 2015 v 19:52
the sigil on the top is sigil of Lucifer, not so known but discovered nowdays and used by many bands and individuals, so you probably know it, but many, many years it was unknown. The centrum of the drawing is "Bounded" by dodecagram. right and left apex are extended like a symbol of man, left and right hands and left and right halfs of meaning, menispheres or whatever you would like to call it. The bottom apex is also extended than the upper one is shorter than others. It presents the clear donward. Shows to the ground what is symbol of Satan in many historical documents and also reminds the watchers of classic inverted pentagram which is inverted in the same direction.

While the dodecagram presents man like a living thing or soul, the skull in the middle highlights on inevitable end and circle of life. This aspect is also enchanted by the snake eating his own tail in the inverted symbol of endless what presents the paradox and the aspect that noone really know what's the matter of all living and dying despite all theories.

The snake also encircles two parts of moon phases, under it is the last one, full moon. These three phases presents the time and its influence on everything on Earth and Space. The last aspect which should be here or better have to be here is presented the nature. It reflect all the previous aspect and related all of it - I'm speaking about the branches growing from the time, endless snake man and spiritual meaning in the same time.



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